Calming Paste


* Can help high-strung horses settle down, relax and concentrate
* Promotes relaxation; reduces hyperactivity
* Formerly Calming Essentials
* NASC member
* Made in the USA

Formula 707 Calming Paste contains high levels of tryptophan along with electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and dextrose to maintain normal performance in horses. This calming supplement for horses is perfect for travel and competition.

Each 30 cc serving contains min 0.25% crude protein, min 4.75% l-tryptophan, min 1.75%/max 2.25% salt, min 0.05% potassium, min 592 mg niaciamide, min 35 mg pyridoxine HCl, min 35 mg thiamine HCl and min 16 mg riboflavin.

Directions: 15-30cc to adult horses 1-2 hrs before competition, strenuous exercise, racing or shipping. Do not give to animals without a swallowing reflex. Do not freeze.

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