Elastikin Sing 3in

Elastikon Sing Box

ELASTIKON Elastic Tape is a Medical Adhesive Tape that's true to its name being highly elastic to twist and conform to the body. It is a dynamic pressure dressing used for a variety of applications such as securing wound dressings and adding pressure to large drainage wounds. It is also used as an athletic tape to add support and compression to injuries such as bone fractures or sprained muscles and tendons at the elbow, knee and ankle. The larger width ELASTIKON Elastic Bandage Tape is commonly used in binding the chest after a mastectomy surgery. The stretch allows user to add the comfortable amount of compression desired.

ELASTIKON Elastic Tape is the original elastic tape and is manufactured by trusted and well-known medical supply company Johnson & Johnson.  It's also designed to make for a smooth application with a red line centered on the backcloth for a perfect guide during taping. The underside has a rubber based adhesive to provide a strong adhesion that's applied tightly to the edge to conform well without bleeding onto the skin. ELASTIKON Elastic Tape wears comfortably and is porous to keep skin dry by allowing skin to breathe to prevent build-up moisture. Individuals with an allergy to natural latex rubber should not use this product.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stretchable
  • Original Elastic Tape
  • Conforms to Difficult Body Areas
  • Red Line Provides a Visual Guide
  • Porous Construction
  • Adds Compression
  • Relieves Swelling
  • Variety of Widths
  • Easy Application
  • Tape Stays in Place

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