EquiSleeve Clear Non-Sterile Shoulder-Length 1mil

Size: 36" | Pack Type: P100 | These premium quality sleeves manufactured by Ag-Tek provide full-arm protection for a variety of large-animal procedures while delivering an optimum strength-to-sensitivity ratio. Particularly useful for Equine exams, EquiSleeve is made of a thin clear 1.00 mil copolymer film, providing the ultimate in sensitivity and softness. Due to the unique copolymer film, the EquiSleeve has extremely smooth seams reducing irritation of the sensitive mucosal lining, while providing the strength necessary for the most difficult exams. Disposable, shoulder-length, for examination and OB/AI use. Packaged in resealable, pressure-locked, non-sterile, multi-sleeve packs. Size: 36 length, 1.00 mil thickness. Color: Clear.

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