BEST DEAL!! Fluvac Innovator 5-Way and West Nile Horse Combo

Buy a single dose of Fluvac Innovator 5-way and a single dose of Innovator West Nile Virus vaccine for the combination price of $52.99

Or a 10/ds tank of each for the combination price of $510.00

Free shipping with $100 in vaccine purchases. Vaccines are shipped  Monday - Wednesday only and packed accordingly.  

Single doses include syringe and needle

Zoetis Horse Vaccination Combo  

Our Zoetis Horse Vaccination Combo includes one (1) Fluvac Innovator 5 (5-way) plus one (1) West Nile Innovator..

Fluvac Innovator 5 protects against Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness) and Tetanus. Aids in prevention of respiratory disease caused by herpes virus EHV-1 and EHV-4 and against Kentucky 97, the most current A1 and A2 influenza strain in an equine vaccine

.West Nile Innovator protects against viremia which is caused by West Nile Virus.

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