Foal Probiotic by Full Bucket

The first week of a foal’s life may be the very most important of all. During this phase development is in hyper-active mode. If your foal gets sick or doesn’t receive all the important nutrients as possible, it could affect the vitality and strength all of their life.


Our Foal Probiotic is the very first of its’ kind. One product with multiple solutions…

  • PROBIOTIC - We have two probiotic strains that have been heavily researched and proven to work in foals.
  • PREBIOTIC - Prebiotic acts a food source for a foal’s natural, beneficial microbes to bring the gut flora back to optimal health.
  • EGG IMMUNOGLOBULINS - This amazing technology delivers antibodies to help protect a young foal from 6 of the most common, digestive diseases that can be devastating to a foal.
  • DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - We add Lactase Enzyme to help the foal digest milk sugars and prevent buildup in the stomach.
  • L-GLUTAMINE - The lining in a foal’s intestines are responsible for extracting nutrients from food. When they become inflamed or unhealthy, it essentially starves the foal. L-Glutamine is the body’s essential nutrient to keep the gut lining healthy.

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