Foals First Milk Replacer

Progressive Nutrition’s FOALS FIRST®- Milk Replacer Powder is a highly digestible foal milk replacer for orphan or rejected foals. It contains the highest quality milk ingredients, vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development. FOALS FIRST® - Milk Replacer Powder is mixed with water and fed free-access to foals in a bucket.

Get the Foals First® Milk Replacer Advantage:
  • Free-choice bucket feeding, on demand, makes raising an orphan easy
  • Nutritionally balanced and fortified to meet the nutrient demands of the young growing foal
  • Contains ‘all milk ingredients’ for easy digestion
  • Slightly acidified to help reduce the risk of over-consumption
  • Provide at room temperature for convenience
  • Easy to mix and feed
  • Packaging: 22 lb bucket
Tips on Feeding the Orphan or Rejected Foal
  • Provide the colostrum to the orphan or rejected foal before offering the milk powder in solution
  • It is best to provide Foals First® Milk Replacer powder in solution, in a bucket for the foal to drink
  • However, if a nipple is used to get the foal to drink the colostrum and begin to drink the milk, make sure the opening is at least ½” wide to assure adequate colostrum and milk flow
  • Never force the foal’s head into a bucket
  • The bucket should be a contrasting color to the wall to make it easy for the foal to find
Introducing the foal to milk
  • Initially, on day one, warm milk slightly to encourage consumption
  • Using a shallow plastic bowl, raise the bowl to the foal’s muzzle while they are sucking your finger
  • Slowly remove your finger after they begin to drink
  • Repeat until the foal is drinking from the bowl on their own
  • Once the foal learns to drink from the bowl, put the milk into a small bucket and hang it securely on the wall at shoulder height of the foal.
  • From this point forward mix powder with cool water to limit over consumption

Download product information sheet here.

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