Formula 1 Papaya Gal

Formula 1 Noni & HA Blue Label combines pure noni and hyaluronic acid to support a strong immune system, a healthy gut, faster recovery from training and conditioning, and support balanced behavior. Noni is all natural and works to support many of the body's systems. Noni is the best know supplement to build Xeronine levels in the body. Xeronine is required by many vital systems in the body in order to carry out their duties. A Xeronine deficiency occurs in the body with age, stress, illness, and a poor diet. Hyaluronic acid supports healthy joints and flexibility. The two ingredients work in tandem for improved performance. Formula 1 Noni Gold Label contains 28,250 mg noni per oz. and 50 mg HA per oz. Feed 2 - 4 oz. daily depending on horse's activity level. Not approved for use in pregnant or breeding animals. Liquid.

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