Horse-Shoe - Finish Line

Description & Benefits

Horse-Shoe™ helps promote healthy hoof growth. It contains Biotin, Methionine, gelatin, zinc and manganese, and other support ingredients that stimulate circulation to the hoof. Niacin and calcium iodate help increase circulation throughout the system, including the hooves. Increased blood flow helps nourish the hooves, making sure that they have enough nutrition needed for healthy hoof growth. Bromelain, a natural enzyme can help ease inflammation. 



HORSE-SHOE™ has the following benefits for your horse:


  • Horse-Shoe™ helps promote healthy hoof growth with 16mg of Zinc and 22mg of Biotin.
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation in the feet, nutrients required for growth
  • Also contains Bromelain, a natural enzyme that promotes a healthy inflammatory response.

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