* Lactanase helps support optimal muscle function and metabolism
* Daily supplement for all classes of horses
* Powder packet mixes easily with feed

Lactanase helps support optimal energy release and muscle function in all classes of horses. Lactanase supplies nutrients important for the formation of acetyl coenzyme A in the horse's body. Acetyl coenzyme A is the gateway to the Krebs cycle, where the release of cellular energy takes place. This formula was the first pre-performance supplement to focus on the role of acetyl coenzyme A during intensive exercise, when the horse cannot rely upon oxygen for energy release. Lactanase is recommended for horses involved in intensive exercise and performance. 25 gram pack provides up to 2 servings when used as directed. For horses only.

Directions for use: One packet equals 25 grams. Blend thoroughly with feed. During daily conditioning, give 1 packet for first two days, then 1/2 to 1 packet each day of conditioning or workout. For stress or performance, give 1 packet the evening before an event and 1 packet two to three hours prior to the event.

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