Leg Aide

Progressive® Nutrition's Leg Aide™ Liquid supplement for foals and growing horses designed to help promote normal tendon and joint growth and healthy leg development. Leg Aide™ is for foals (at least 5 days old) and growing horses exhibiting growth related developmental problems such as weak tendons, contracted tendons, swollen joints and crooked legs (angular limb deformities).
During periods of nutritional shortages and stages of rapid growth, foals and growing horses are susceptible to nutritional deficiencies that lead to abnormal tendon, joint and leg development.

Get the Leg Aide™ Advantage:

      • Easy-to-use liquid for nursing foals and weanlings

      • Fast acting and effective – a proven nutritional supplement for foals and growing horses

      • Promotes healthy joint growth and leg development

      • Provides over 1400 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per 600 lbs dose

      • Ultra concentrated for easy use

Leg Aide™ Contains:
      • Balanced blend of vitamins, trace minerals and major minerals essential for growing horses

      • Sources of calcium and phosphorus to promote healthy bone growth and muscle function

      • Contains chelated calcium for increased absorption

      • Chelated trace minerals for easy absorption to promote normal tendon and joint health

      • Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed oil

Feeding Directions:
For foals at the rate of 10 cc’s per 100 pounds of body weight daily. Leg Aide™ can be top-dressed on feed at the rate of 1 ounce/300 lbs of body weight or 2 ounces/600 lbs of body weight.

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