Lubrisyn HA

Give your animals LubriSyn HA – the daily dose for fluid joints! All-natural, oral, liquid form of hyaluronic acid (HA) helps maintain healthy joints by improving the quality of the synovial fluid that cushions and lubricates joints. HA is the main component of joint fluid, but it deteriorates with exercise and age. The more you work your horse, the faster the joint fluid breaks down, causing the bone–to–bone friction that leads to inflammation. LubrySin HA helps maintain consistent levels of HA on a daily basis and is excellent for helping prevent joint fluid breakdown.

What is it made from?
The high molecular weight HA formula used in LubriSyn HA is extracted from a microbial source (instead of animal sources such as rooster combs), keeping it free from protein contamination that could break down and cause loss of effectiveness. Clinical studies show that LubrySyn HA's higher molecular weight formula is the most effective in maintaining and restoring healthy joint fluid. Plus, it is manufactured exclusively in an FDA-approved pharmaceutical facility so you get the purest form of HA available!

How long will it take to work?
You should see results in just 7-14 days! The liquid HA formula used in LubriSyn HA is readily and quickly absorbed in the mouth and throat and begins to appear in tissues outside the intestinal tract within only 30 minutes. Remember to use LubriSyn HA every day to help restore broken down joint fluid for improved performance.

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