Help your equine feel better with Panacur Paste for Horses. This gel is prescribed to help control bloodworm infestations—specifically large and small strongylus, pinworms and roundworms. It may even help during the third stage of small strongylus, if used early enough. It's safe for horses of all ages and sizes, plus comes in a unique apple-cinnamon flavor that makes administration easy—and even enjoyable—for your horse.

  • Suitable for horses from all trots of life, regardless of age, size or body condition.
  • Crafted with a tasty apple-cinnamon flavor your horse will love.
  • Helps control strongyles, a type of parasitic worm, migrating larvae, pinworms and roundworms.
  • FDA-approved over the counter medication that’s safe for foals, pregnant mares, older horses, miniature horses, horses that are thin and underweight.
  • Easy-to-administer oral medication.

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