Succeed VF

SUCCEED DCP Veterinary Formula is an advanced daily nutritional supplement made especially for horses facing the most rigorous challenges of modern care and feeding. It carries all the same benefits of the original SUCCEED DCP, plus additional ingredients to support the healthy structure and function of the equine GI tract. The SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program provides a simple program for managing a horse’s appearance, temperament and performance. Feeding SUCCEED once a day, every day, gives the horse nutrients that specifically support a sound gut, optimal nutrient absorption, and effective energy conversion. SUCCEED oral paste in easy-to-use 0.95-oz. (27-gram) oral syringes is great for a variety of applications - starting a horse on the program, for use on the track or at events, or when you need to be sure the horse receives a full serving. Feed each horse twice daily during first week of use, once daily thereafter.

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