Wipe Citronella

 Wipe ll Fly Spray with Citronella. Gone is the harsh, petroleum odor, and here to stay is the fresh citronella scent. The lanolin additive will give your horse’s coat a healthy glow that will have everyone asking what you used on him to get that shine. This fly repellent works just as well, whether you spray it on or wipe it on with a cloth, which is especially handy around the eyes and ears. Wipe ll Fly Spray with Citronella is the fly spray your horse would choose.

  • Botanically - derived pyrethrin formula that contains 1% citronella and coat - conditioning lanolin
  • Repels and kills stable, horse, face, deer, house and horn flies, plus mosquitoes and gnats
  • Pleasant smelling
  • Also a grooming aid and coat conditioner
  • Can be applied as a spray or wipe

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